LED Rechargeable Solar Camping Lantern

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- High quality plastic shell, glass top, stainless steel handles, shockproof and durable.
- 3 hours solar charge.
- Can also be charged by AC charging cord
- When stretched, light will turn on. Shrinking it back turns the light off.
- Red indicator displays charging condition.
- Energy saving, portable, high brightness.
- Good for camping, reading, boating, fishing, and car repairs.
- Stainless steel handle and plastic cover resistant to water, suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Features: Portable, Rechargeable, Low Energy Consumption
Power Source: Battery, Solar
Material: Plastic
Functions: Low Power Consumption, Long life, Bright output
Power Source: AC Charging, Solar Power
LED Quantity: 6(5LEDS+1W)
- 1x Solar Camping Light(Include the battery)
- 1x Charger Cable (AC)